Celebrity Endorsements Drive The Fabletics Brand

The Fabletics brand has been at the top of the fashion retail industry for the last three years after the membership based retailer was established in 2013. Over the course of just three years the leisurewear brand has grown to be valued at $250 million and caused no small level of concern among the executives at Amazon; the Online retailing giant has seen its 20 percent share of the fashion retail market shrink with the success of the Fabletics brand cited as one of the major reasons for the dent in the share for Amazon.


Just why has Fabletics become such a major Online retailing force and growing presence on Main Street? Much of the success can be placed at the door of the unique and innovative membership process that includes a “Lifestyle Quiz” we could all benefit from completing; Fabletics uncovers the type of exercise each member completes and their level of experience before making personalized recommendations for every member to enjoy. The aim of the Fabletics brand has been to take the leisure wear market and change it with a higher level of design excellence and an impressive level of customer service designed to provide each individual member with the best experience in both Online and physical retailing.


Fabletics bases a large amount of its marketing on the celebrity endorsements it has managed to tie up over recent years, including the high profile of Fabletics partner and actress Kate Hudson. At a recent launch for a new line of clothing aimed at the teenage and early 20s market Kate Hudson, herself introduced singer and actress, Demi Lovato is the latest celebrity designer for the Fabletics brand.


It is important to remember the Fabletics brand targeted a tie-in with Kate Hudson before the brand even began actively grading as she was seen as having the perfect image and active lifestyle to push forward the brand as it grew over the years. Unlike many of contemporaries who are willing to endorse any brand in exchange for a paycheck, Judson has been integral to the growth of the Fabletics brand as a design specialist and dedicated communications specialist. Kate Hudson has also been willing to push forward her own use of Fabletics products using her personal social media profile and in creating TV and Internet marketing spots envisioned and directed by the “Almost Famous” actress.