Clearing The Smoke: Alex Pall Interview (The Chainsmokers)

The Chainsmokers have been electrifying the EDM World since their formation in 2012. They consistently release smash hits and their following as well as record sales and tours prove their work ethic and talent. During the summer of 2016, they sat down with Interview Magazine to discuss their recent success as well as future plans. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart met in 2012. With Alex leaving college and his minor Dj career in New York City and Andrew leaving Syracuse University and his Interscope Records internship, they immediately began to work. As lifetime fans of music they were bound for success because their foundation was passion. Andrew had plans to move west coast after studying at Syracuse University to pursue a solo DJ career but was introduced to Alex through his manager. Pall states that knowing what each of them brought to the table helped them tremendously in the early stages. They familiarize themselves with what was going on around them musically and what was successful and what wasn’t. Their goal was to shape their identity around that. Creating their identity as artists was crucial to becoming a success. Andrew states that they did not treat it like a job and they had to learn a lot. The fact that people relate to their music on deep levels pushes them to stay on top of their game. Alex mentioned that its a constant journey of self discovery. They have to constantly question the things they plan on doing especially if it is a new twist to their core style. They plan to push the envelope by constantly trying new things because they have a desire to say interesting and engaging to their global fans. They state the vitality of letting a song run its course before releasing another song. This is a very important component when you are developing as an artist. Alex mentioned that it’s tough sometimes making such good music and having to wait to put it out but it is a part of the process. As the group has progressed tremendously they have transitioned into being on their own productions vocally and this is not usual in the EDM world. It’s their foresight and uniqueness that sets them apart from the rest of the music industry. Andrew and Alex believe they will continue to succeed as long as their passion and persistence remains unwavering.