Gareth Henry rises to become a professional investor

Gareth Henry is a professional who attended Heriot-Watt University. At the university, he studied Actuarial mathematics and statistics, and since then he has used the foundation to achieve a lot. Alex has worked in several firms since Alex graduated with first-class honors. He was a fellow at the Institute of Actuaries in the UK and the Society of Actuaries in the United States.

Gareth Henry started career by working at Watson Wyatt, a firm based in London. He worked as an analyst at the company. He was dedicated at his job, and this opened other opportunities. He went to be appointed as an investment manager working with SEI Investment with offices located in London. Since then, he career has been illustrious, and he has been working and providing strategic investment solutions to different clients.

Gareth Henry was working at Schroders when he left to become a member of Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment is a global form that has been providing various services to investors. He worked at the company and at the time he was based in London. While working at this company, he helped it in many ways. For example, he came up with strategies that led to increased sales and attracting more customers. His performance was outstanding, and this saw him being promoted to head the Fortress Liquid Market. Here he was operating as the global head of investor solutions.

His primary responsibility was to take care of customers and provide quality services. He handled customers from different parts of the world like the Middle East, Canada, Asia, and Europe. He also led the sales and marketing team at the company. He worked hard at Fortress Investment Group, and this attracted the attention of Angelo, Gordon & Co who appointed him to head a similar position like that he held at the previous company. He was also named to be the managing director. Gareth Henry can read the market trends and help clients accordingly.

That is what attracted the president of Angelo, Gordon & Co to appoint him to the firm. The company was looking for a way to expand its global relations. That is why they had to choose Gareth because he is the best professional for the job.