Helane Morrison’s Goal To Restore Public Trust In Investment Advisors

Helane Morrison is an executive at Hall Capital Partners, LLC where she has served for nearly 10 years as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer. She’s appreciated the leadership at Hall Capital not only because of their diverse workforce, including several female executives such as CEO Kathryn Hall, but also because of their commitment to public trust and integrity. Morrison has seen quite a few investors lose faith in the financial industry in part because of predatory lenders and big corporations looking for loopholes in the law, and also because of the financial crisis of 2008. Morrison has determined to change the narrative by helping Hall Capital manage client assets in a safe and secure manner, and using her past legal expertise to guide the firm.


Morrison spent years as an attorney and an enforcer with the SEC prior to joining Hall Capital. She had originally wanted to go into journalism, so she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in the field from Northwestern University. But she soon saw the potential to succeed in the legal field, so she enrolled at the University of California at Berkley law school where she got her J.D. and even wrote several columns for the California Law Review. Prior to starting private practice she clerked for federal judges Hon. Richard Posner at the US Court of Appeals 7th circuit, and US Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun.


Morrison first went into private practice as an attorney for Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin in 1986. Her career with this law firm consisted of going after corporate fraud and various financial criminals. She was able to win many cases against businessmen who had been tough to prosecute, and her body of work as a private attorney soon landed her a position with the SEC. She started off as a local enforcer in the San Francisco area, but in a relatively short time she became Regional Director in the SEC’s Pacific northwest division. She continued going after tough cases at the SEC helping track down embezzled funds and companies that were cheating on securities information. Her tenure with the SEC lasted 9 years until she joined Hall Capital.


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