How Does Flavio Maluf Do It?

While Flavio Maluf was still in college, he was one of the most intelligent students studying bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. According to his lecturers, they saw a great future in him concerning the education they gave him and a career in engineering. However, Flavio Maluf had another path and career which fascinated his soul and mind. He wanted to become one of the most prominent business people based in Brazil. For this reason, he worked hard to complete his bachelor’s degree with flying colours. Upon graduating with the qualification, Flavio Maluf was entitled to re-thing about continuing in the engineering career or pursuing his dreams in business.

When he graduated, he made a decision to further his education in business management and administration to make him a corporate official in the Brazilian business environment at When he finished college with a Mechanical Engineering degree, Flavio Maluf knew he had a lot to do before he became a prominent business person in Brazil. For this reason, Flavio Maluf went o study abroad n the New York University and attained a qualification in Business Management on He stayed in the United States for more than a year studying and working in the university to have his career baked afresh in Business Management and Administration.

Now came a time when he had to return home with a certification in Business Management and Administration. It was during this period when he was granted an opportunity to commence his duties in Eucatex Company by working at the trading department of the corporation according to Flavio Maluf expressed his prowess in the field by showing the people the kind of innovation and management skills he had acquired from the company. While he was working, the company grew in more profit. It was also during this time when the company started exporting products to other countries in the world.

Flavio Maluf went further to start working at the trading department. This was the point where he was announced one of the executive board members of the company by his uncle who was the president of Eucatex. Due to an agreement made by the family, he became president.