Omar Boraie: The Force Behind New Brunswick New Look

Omar Boarie is a future oriented and charismatic businessman real estate developer and a generous philanthropist. Having been raised in New Brunswick, he knows first-hand the struggles the community faces and how they can be overcome. He therefore uses his career to help the state of affairs in New Brunswick, New Jersey to develop and become a hub of economic prosperity through developing commercial real estate that are aimed at attracting investors in the town.

Mr Boraie is the current president of Boraie Development LLC. A company that is involved in real estate in New Brunswick. As the president, he ensures that the projects being proposed and ran by the company are standard and strategic. Forty years ago he had a vision for the town and through the projects he has worked on, he believes that his vision is coming to pass. He began by buying the old buildings, remodeling them and ever since, started building and constructing new commercial houses that have then changed the site of the city.

Some of his greatest success are the completion of The Aspire, a deluxe residential along Somerset Street. The residential has changed the dynamics and the perspective of the town. The Albany Street Plaza Tower One building, stands up in the middle of the city, which oozes class and attracts investors who need high rise office space.

Mr Boraie is not only successful but also modest. When asked about his role in rebuilding the city, he is fast to acknowledge the input of others who shared in his vision and worked day and night to help develop the city. Some of the people he has worked with include John Lynch, Mayor James Cahill ad David Crabiel among others.

In addition to being a smart business man, Mr Boraie is also a firm believer in helping those in need. He is involved in various charity organizations that ensure that the living standards of the people of New Brunswick have been improved. The Elijah’s Promise, an organization that according to Rutgers Magazine is determined to eradicate poverty in the city he sits on the advisory board. He donates his funds and time into the project to help reduce crime and poverty in the city. Mr Boraie is also interested in Arts and thus is deeply involved in the State Theater. Through these charity events, he looks forward to ensure that the youths get employment and are sponsored to help shape the city.

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  1. Jaycee Aryan says:

    Having the view that Mr Boraie will be interested in the charities that we support is well overestimated. The one that have is well very trusted in giving the right result that we look for. However, the vision and believe in the people of the community is the most important to help them reduce crime and and bring the peace among them.

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