Paul Mampilly A Successful American Investor

Paul Mampilly, an American investor, is a former hedge fund manager as well as a winner of the prestigious Templeton Foundation Investment competition. He has been highlighted on CNBC, Bloomberg TV as well as Business News.

Paul is the founder of Profits Unlimited, which is a popular investment newsletter where he makes good use of his experience, skills as well as knowledge gained when he was an insider for former Wall Street. He uses the skills he has to guide his subscribers who are more than 60,000 into stocks primed to shoot higher. Paul is a proven expert in investment and a one man idea. His performance in investment is incredible, making him well-known by many individuals.

The ideas generated by Paul are based on propriety methods that are unique which he created over 25 years. The methods he uses are some of the best in investment because he generates superior returns. For instance, a client demonstration account that was established in the year 2016 with $5000 has generated real money with gains of more than 180%. The big winners include 100+% in Nvidia, 700+% in Coeur Mining and the Gold Mining Vectors ETF. These statistics show great growth and that Paul is a great man in investment.

More statistics showing how Paul has been successful in investment include the stocks he recommended for The Palm Beach between October 2011 and December 2012. He recommended 29 stocks, and as at 31st December 2013, the stocks were up by an average of 53% with 28 of them up and only one down. The statistics show that Paul does not give room for failure at any time. From 2008 to 2009, he managed which under his leadership the account won the investment competition of prestigious Templeton Foundation with 76% returns. In 2009 he also managed Kinetics International Fund, and in 2010 the company went up by 67% where it outperformed MSCI EAFE in both years. Paul Mampilly has 25 years of direct, hand on funds management experience including each bull market, a financial crisis as well as a bear market since 1988.

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