Randal Nardone’s Influence on Fortress Investment Group

Recently, Forbes Magazine recognized Randal Nardone in its billionaire list, and he came in at #557. The University of Connecticut is where Nardone completed his undergraduate studies, and Boston University is where he got his J.D. Back in 1998, Randal Nardone founded the now successful Fortress Investment Group, and he has been a principal at the company ever since. In 2013, he finally became the organization’s CEO. Softbank acquired Fortress Investment Group for over $3 million. Softbank’s interest in the company came as a result of its investment specialty pools.

Money from Fortress’s specialty pools is invested in a variety of industries, such as golf courses, digital marketing and mortgages. Softbank’s intention in the coming years is to grow Fortress Investment Group’s total assets significantly. A significant portion of Fortress Investment Group’s controlled assets is coming from investors in Asia and the Middle East. Softbank has put together a strategy involving the formation of a solid group, which will consist of salesmen from Wall Street and traders who have connections with places like Abu Dhabi and Saui Arabia.

Fortress Investment Group is currently one of the top names in the world of investing. Randal Nardone’s role in creating an excellence portfolio has certainly influenced the fact that an ever-increasing number of people are seeking the services of his company. It is very evident that Fortress Investment Group would not have enjoyed nearly as much success without his admirable efforts and important contributions. Randal Nardone has been instrumental to the growth of Fortress Investment Group over the years, and it is likely that his outstanding leadership will continue pushing the organization to even greater heights in the near future.

Although Randal Nardone has achieved a remarkable amount of success in the finance industry, it was not the field that he originally wished to be a part of. Law was the field that he initially planned to pursue, but after gaining experience he saw the amount of opportunity offered by the finance industry and made the decision to pursue a professional career in that area. Meet Fortress Investment Group’s Ex-Billionaire Interim CEO