Rick Shinto award from InnovaCare health

InnovaCare Health is a very successful company dealing with health issues, and it has achieved a lot of its goals and objectives by being committed to its work. Having a medical advantage which is cost effective and provider Network as its main avenues of care, they work towards achieving a quality health care, and this is accomplished by using modern technology.

Also, innovative Health achieves its quality health by engaging in creative activities such as improving the customer services, using modern technology such as new machines in hospitals and also coming up with new ways of dealing with specific issues involving health. Through this, it has been recognized as being the best, and this has helped it to get more beneficiaries all over.

Metro- Pavia, MMM Holdings and LLC health system are partnership companies in Puerto Rico. They came into partnership with an agreement by leaders from both companies agreeing to explore the services they have maximally. Through their agreement, they accepted to improve their services by having a better way of communication by their members and also people, who are the customers, use of modern in technology in health issues, improved medical supervision among others. Bringing this partnership to Puerto Rico was a result of local agencies demand an improved service through advanced technologies and thus minimizing costs. This demand from local agencies was the cause of this partnership. They believed that coming together will help them achieve this by using utilizing the available resources efficiently, have those better treatment services to patients and also improve the quality standards of both companies and this will help the being completive with other sectors.

Besides, members from both companies will be provided by several value-added services, and this will be one way of them achieving the standards of quality health services. The benefits obtained from this partnership is that it was able to expand by opening more branches to places far from the location so that they can reach more patients and provide their services and through this, they were able to be recognized as the top ranking in health services.

Through the biennial recognition program, the president of United States of America Donald Trump together with Richard Shinto the CEO was announced as one of the leading minority Executive in healthcare. They achieved this by giving out the high-quality health services to victims of natural disasters and violent protesters. It was through these activities that they were able to be awarded by the innovative health officials.