Securus Promotes Families

Many people may not think that a jail industry company would be a big promoter of families, but Securus is one of the biggest family supporters that the jail industry has ever seen. The company works hard to include family members in the different parts of someone being in jail. They recognize that family life is important and they work to make things better for the people who are in jail and for the people who love them because they want them to be able to stay connected no matter where the person is or what type of crime they have done.


There are many studies that show that recidivism rates are much lower for the people who are able to keep up with their family members while they are in jail. This is something that allows them to have a better chance once they are out of jail and it gives them the chance to be able to keep up with relationships even while they are in jail. Securus knows this and they do everything that they can to be able to make sure that people who are in jail are getting what they need when it comes to their family members.


Video chatting is one way that Securus makes things better for families. People who are in jail may not see their family members very often. This may be due to the fact that the families are far away, they have small children or they are simply unable to visit the jail for other reasons. It is important for families to see their loved ones in jail.


Video chats are a huge hit, especially at the holidays. For people who are in prison, the holidays can be extremely depressing and they need to be able to see their family members to feel better about the different things that are going on. When it comes to video chatting at the holidays, Securus makes sure that people who want to talk to their families are able to do it. They even work to roll out special programs during the holidays that make video chatting with their loved ones both easier and cheaper for them to be able to do.


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  1. Fernanda Trent says:

    For families that cannot come to jail, Securus has given them another opportunity by offering video chatting services. They want families to be able to connect even if they cannot actually visit. It should have been kept under control but may not be able to assign them to anyone until the deal has come to pass too.

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