Securus turns high-tech products loose in fight against prison crime

People often think of prisons in the United States as being relatively safe places. After all, they’re some of the most heavily patrolled areas anywhere in the country. Prisons often have 10 or more guards on every tier, making them some of the most densely policed real estate anywhere, not an ideal place for crime to flourish.


It can often come as somewhat of a surprise, then, that one of the largest problems facing prisons is ongoing criminal activity within their walls. Prison gangs often times exert tremendous influence over prisoners and even staff. Organized crime is capable of extending its reach beyond the prison fence line, threatening civilians, witnesses and police, even when they are not located within the prison itself.


Securus Technologies, one of the nation’s leading inmate communications companies, has developed a robust line of products that allows prison administrators and staff to effectively combat crime within the prison environment.


One of Securus’ more innovative products is its JLG Investigator Pro line. This cutting-edge suite of conversation monitoring tools automatically filters conversations, picking up anomalous speech, and allowing administrators and staff to direct their attention to the most pressing concerns. JLG has the capability to automatically transcribe all conversations taking place on the prisons telephone system. Dead automatically parses all texts, picking out any anomalous speech, code words, or patterns which are likely to indicate criminal activity.


The system also uses advanced biometric techniques developed by the Department of Defense. One of these is a voice recognition system which correctly identifies all inmates participating in conversations by name. The system is also capable of identifying any parties who are known to the prison and have been previously flagged due to participation in criminal activity. Should a banned party enter a conversation, the staff on duty will be instantly notified for corrective action to be taken.