The Advancement of Helane Morrison in her Career.

Helane Morrison is a bold woman who has made significant achievements in her career. She is a qualified attorney and was hired by the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1996. She has been working at the San Francisco district’s office since then. Morrison spent the last three years serving as the director of the enforcement programs. She made significant accomplishments in her position, and this made her be promoted to chief of the district. Her new position was recently announced by the SEC’s chairperson, Arthur Levitt.


Morrison’s current responsibility at the organization includes heading the analysis and enforcement programs that are within the territory of the San Francisco district’s office. Her jurisdiction is in Montana, Washington, Alaska, North California, North Nevada, Idaho, and Oregon. The San Francisco office is in the Pacific Region, which is controlled from Los Angeles. David Bayless is the former head of the district.


Helane’s input at the SEC for the past one decade that she has been working for it has been significant. As the director of enforcement programs, she led to action against the organizations such as the California Micro Device and the New York’s Republic Securities. Her profession as an attorney was also fruitful, and she was mainly hired by corporations that had been litigated by the SEC and organization that were facing securities-related class actions from their clients. Morrison was also a representative at arbitrations where she was hired by stock trading firms to offer legal services. Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin was the major law company that she served, and it is also based in San Francisco. Morrison was also employed as a clerk at the Appeal Court where she worked for Judge Richard A. Posner and at the Supreme Court where she served Justice Harry Blackmun.


Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York are the other districts that have female chiefs and they are headed by Valerie Caproni, Mary Keefe, and Carmen Lawrence respectively. Helane said that there had been a significant rise in responsibilities in the analysis and enforcement units of the San Francisco district offices. They have been forced to double their staff from 30 to 60 for them to offer efficient services to the areas that they manage.


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