The Brown Agency: Making Dreams a Reality:

The Brown Modeling Agency is located in Austin Texas. The agency specializes in recruiting beautiful and talented men, women and children for careers in modeling. In addition, the Brown Agency also recruits talent for the entertainment industry.

The Brown Agency has recruited a number of both male and female fashion models for various modeling jobs. In addition, the agency publishes various photos of models that have secured various jobs through the Brown Agency.

The Brown Agency has placed several models and actors for various jobs within the theatrical industry. For those seeking work within theater and television may consider starting out as a model. Modeling is an excellent way of getting your foot in the door. Once you are exposed to the modeling industry theatrical and commercial work is a possibility.

The Brown Agency receives various modeling jobs for young men, women as well as children. If you happen to fit the description of what the agency is seeking then you have a chance of securing modeling work. Modeling as well as acting can be a difficult profession. However, it is only persistence and drive that you succeed within a difficult industry.

The Agency has placed up and coming models such as Adam Gumula, Carter Wray, David Bates and many more. In addition, numerous females have received work as fashion models. Female models which found work through the Brown Agency include Abby Binns, Audrey Wells, Amanda English and many more. Some models are eventually groomed for the runway.

*Drive and Persistence May equal Success:

The Brown Agency encourages anyone interested in modeling and or the entertainment industry to submit head shots along with a detailed resume which outlines specific related qualifications. If the agency feels they have an interest in future modeling work you may very well receive a call.

Models are chosen according to a specific need and type. For example, if the agency receives a call for males age 21-25, blue eyes, brown hair, muscular build, the agency will consider males that meet the specific criteria.

A successful career in model may depend on a lot of luck. In addition, a great deal also depends upon being in the right place at the right time. Therefore, it is important to keep trying no matter how may rejections you may receive.

It would be wise to check out the agency web site at You never know when you least expect it you may receive a call from an agency representative.

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