The Determination and Spirit of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the 11th ‘U.S. Secretary of Education’ on 7th February. Her confirmation does not come as a surprise since she has been a champion for children and parents alike. Her passion leans towards better education for children who are not able to access the same.

Digital Learning

I am passionate about the role of digital learning in the changing world. I marvel at the way children are able to use technology at an early age. Having gone through school without these gadgets, I feel it would be wrong to deny this generation access to ‘fun learning’.


I believe that homeschooling is a valid option available to parents. This option I find wins back the power for the parents. They are able to decide what their children learn and how.

Charter Schools

I feel that there are deserving non public schools which just need a little boost and that disregarding this and opting for charter schools is not wise. Charter school take time and resources as I learnt from the charter school my husband started. He also started an aviation school. Check this related article from

Face of Success

Asked about how success would appear to her after retirement this is what Betsy Devos said.

I would be happy to see school going children being able to realize their potential this would placate me the most. Parents being empowered to make choices for their children’s education without limitation would also be a worth cheering I know.

Betsy’s Biography

When Betsy’s children started going to school, it dawned on their mother that not all children in America accessed quality education.

I learnt from those in leadership how to increase opportunities for children and create more options for parents. My zeal to deal with the issue of education propelled me to serve as mentor for children at risk in Michigan public schools: Grand Rapids area. I have been a mentor for the last 15 years. I believe interacting with the children, teachers and parents changed my perspective on education.

Neither the financial situation nor the geographical setting should determine the kind of education a child gets. As Education Secretary I intend to spear head the control of education by States. This I believe will empower parents to choose the settings they feel are adequate for their children.


Career and Family

DeVos was chairman of ‘The Windquest Group’, an investment firm, before being confirmed to the position of secretary. I have served on multiple charitable organizations including: The “Kennedy Centre for Performing Arts’, ArtPrize, ‘The Kendall College of Art and Design’, ‘Kids Hope USA’and’Mars Hill Bible Church’.

I graduated from Calvin College with a ‘Bachelor of Arts Degree’. My husband, entrepreneur and activist, and I have four children. They are blessed with six grandchildren.