Todd Lubar: Leading the Way in Smart Home Technology

Today’s entrepreneurs, the millennial generation, now in their 20s and 30s, are looking at business ideas in a whole new perspective than those entrepreneurs in their 50s. When polled by a statistician, 64 percent of entrepreneurs in their 50s said they began their own business because they were primarily motivated by the idea of being their own boss. In contrast, only 49 percent of millennials stated that being their own boss was their main motivation for creating a unique business idea. This new generation of entrepreneurs strives to improve themselves and help their communities in a positive way in the process.

Each generation comes up with new and innovative ideas to improve our lives. In the 18th century, the invention of the steam engine revolutionized working conditions and shortened the time individuals could travel from place to place. In the 21st century, the internet and smartphone have simplified our lives and have made information available to all of us at the touch of a button.

These days, entrepreneurs are working with the latest smart technology trends and are constantly pushing boundaries to develop new products that will make our lives easier.

In a release by Patreon, recently, smart home gadgets have been on the rise. Many of these new devices are making our lives simpler and more comfortable at home. Nest thermostats can control the temperature in your home via voice command or with a phone app when away from home. Ring motion-detecting doorbells can sense when someone is approaching your door. Home lighting can also be controlled from your phone. As well, these smart home gadgets can even open and close your window shades or garage door. Smart homes are making life simpler for those who invest in them.

Todd Lubar is a real estate entrepreneur who has a strong interest in smart homes. He is the owner and president of TDL Global Ventures and is also the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. In 1995, he earned a B.A. Degree in Speech Communication from Syracuse University. Over the years, he gained valuable experience by working in the real estate and finance industries. View his full bio on